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The Church: Mature Bride, Built City (of God), Family/Household of God, Army Trained & Empowered:

  • Passionate Love For & from Jesus—Revealed through teaching the Song of Solomon as representing the passion of Jesus for us, His bride & our individual response of passionate love for Him.


  • Never Ending Humility—Always going lower & Following Jesus' in Total Sacrifice by giving up our reputations, position, comfort, safety, wealth, homes, family, & even our lives & rejoicing to serve spiritual & natural children & desiring that they become more successful & honored than we ourselves.


  • Loving God & Loving man—By rapidly making disciples of all nations following the instructions of Jesus in Matt. & Luke 10 by sharing the gospel, healing the sick, casting out demons, & raising the dead in homes & forming simple house churches who do the same & rapidly multiply ever expanding the Kingdom of Heaven

  • Setting captives free—By teaching the truth (who is Christ) about Passionate Love, Never-ending Humility, Total Sacrifice, & How to be great in God's kingdom by helping others, if possible, to be greater than we ourselves.

Our early rapid growth was strengthened with a large donation for a 7 passenger mini-bus that helped us increase our training travels in Burundi. We have very successful Jesus Video crusades using equipment paid for by donations. Our senior leaders have been helped many times with small donations to keep them able to continue training leaders.


New Wave Ministry is currently working in about 15 provinces in four African countries with scores of healings, deliverences, and many new churches planted every month & thousands of new disciples of Jesus every year.


We teach four “new waves” of heaven sent understanding. These are not new truths, but new illumination to many:

  • Passionate love from and for Jesus as revealed in the Song of Solomon, who loves us, His bride, & always sees us as beautiful to Him as a man in love.

  • Never ending humility (always going lower) to follow the example of Jesus as leaders in His body and bride.

  • Total sacrifice of our lives and comfort as a person in love will sacrifice to be close and share with their lover.

  • Planting churches in houses (8-20 adults) to make disciples and train leaders, because most Africans have time (like all night meetings) & desire to work for God in prayer and sharing, but they cannot afford to build expensive church buildings.

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